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Grade 12

Proposals concerning Bill 96 have been circulating for several years. We prepared by implementing our grade 12 options for business, social or scientific career pathways, giving access to CEGEP or directly to English universities.

About this package:

  • Students work on 2-course options at a time for 10 weeks.

    • For the average student, each course takes about 2.5 hours per day of study time. 

  • Weekly meetings in small group tutoring sessions accompany our online classes.

    • This additional support helps students stay on track and ask questions with immediate feedback when required. 

  • Working independently during the week, students can arrange their own schedules and email their teachers with questions.

    • The turn-around response time for questions and assignments is 2-3 business days. 

Fast Track Grade 10/11 is open to motivated students with an average of 80% per subject.

It is a combination of teacher-led and self-paced programs. 

Contact us to schedule a meeting with Quebec Online School's Director.

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