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Full Support

Grade 9

Cost: $7,250

About this package:

  • 6 classes per week: Math is held twice a week.
    English, Science, Social Studies and French are held once a week.

  • Learning Plan. 

  • Assistance with midterm report, status update, completion report.

  • Career Guidance webinars for parents and students held twice a year.

  • An end of year teacher evaluation.

  • An online learning platform.

  • Additional material to be purchased or requested as loans from your English school board.

  • Consumable resources to be purchased.

    • Transmission 3 for grade 9 French;

    • Journeys 3 for grade 9 social studies;

    • Observatory 3 Activity Book and Digital Components for grade 9 science;

    • Sofad English 3 Combo Learning Guides and Scored Activities:
      English and Persuasion, English and the World of Work, English and Interviews.

  • Required Textbooks to be purchased. If you are registered with an English school board, apply to them for a loan  of the textbook. 

    • ​Observatory 3 Student Textbook.

  • French second language - mandatory placement test

  • Payment plan available - $150 surcharge.

  • Credit card payment available - additional 5%.

  • Individual laptop required for each child with headset.

  • Printer/scanner required for some assignments.

  • Parents are responsible for their child’s education.
    Quebec Online School provides supplementary support.


  • Individual course options also available:

    • Math $2000

    • English $1350

    • French Second Language  $1350

    • Science & Technology $1350

    • History of Quebec and Canada $1350

  • NOTE: For students who are capable, it is possible to complete secondary 3-4-5 in 2 years instead of three. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.

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